Communications in Statistics:
Simulation and Computation

Volume 37, Issue 8

Volume 37, Issue 9

Volume 37, Issue 10

Volume 38, Issue 1

Volume 38, Issue 2

Communications in Statistics:
Simulation and Computation

Table of Contents, Volume 37, Issue 8, 2008

*Corresponding author


Testing Exponentiality Based on Type II Censored Data and a New cdf Estimator
F. Yousefzadeh* and N.R. Arghami

Approximations of Variances and Covariances for Order Statistics from the Standard Extreme Value Distribution
M.N. Pirouzi Fard and B. Holmquist*


Bias Corrected Maximum Likelihood Estimator under the Generalized Linear Model for a Binary Variable
M. Park* and B. Choi

Testing the Equality of Two Proportions for Combined Unilateral and Bilateral Data
Y. Pei, M.L. Tang*, and J. Guo

Dilation-Invariant Wavelet Estimation
E. Chicken*

A Local Linear Least-Absolute-Deviations Estimator of Volatility
F.A. Ziegelmann*

Regression Analysis

Bayesian Truncated Poisson Regression with Application to Dutch Illegal Immigrant Data
B. Puza*, H. Johnson, T. O'Neill and S. Barry

An Algorithm for Enhancing Spreadsheet Regression with Out-of-Sample Statistics
F. Landram*, R. Pavur and B. Alidaee

Categorical Data Analysis

Comparison of Ordinary and Penalized Power-Divergence Test Statistics for Small and Moderate Samples in Three-Way Contingency Tables via Simulation
A. Alin*

Design of Experiments

Model-Robust Design of Conjoint Choice Experiments
J. Yu*, P. Goos and M. Vandebroek

Multivariate Analysis

Sensitivity Coefficient in Principal Component Analysis: Robust Case
M. Cheikh and M. Ibazizen*

Survival Analysis

Comparative Studies on Frailties in Survival Analysis
Y. Lio* and D-G. Chen

Determining Process Death Based on Censored Activity Data
N. Evangelopoulos*, A. Sidorova, S. Fotopoulos and I. Chengalur-Smith

Computational Methods

Correcting Four Test Statistics for One-Parameter Distributions Using Mathematica
G. Cordeiro* and B. Stosic

Multiple Imputation under Power Polynomials
H. Demirtas* and D. Hedeker

Communications in Statistics:
Simulation and Computation

Table of Contents, Volume 37, Issue 9, 2008

*Corresponding author


Testing the Equality of the Noncentrality Parameters of Two Noncentral t-Distributions with Identical Degrees of Freedom
J. Kim* and A. Hayter

Robust Model-Based Inference for Incomplete Data via Penalized Spline Propensity Prediction
H. An* and R. Little

Statistical Inference for the Multidimensional Mixed Rasch Model
M. Feddag*

Bayes Estimator of Inverse Gaussian Parameters Under General Entropy Loss Function Using Lindley's Approximation
P.K. Singh, S.K. Singh* and U. Singh

Sampling Theory

Allocation Constraints in Stratification
M. Kozak* and P. Jankowski

Sample Size Determination

Evaluating The Risk in Sample Size Determination
D. De Martini*

Sample Size Calculation and Power Analysis of Changes in Mean Response Over Time
H. Liu* and T. Wu

Regression Analysis

Estimating LAD Regression Coefficients with Best Subset Points
H. Choi*

Multivariate Analysis

Step Up Procedure for Multiple Comparison with a Control for Multivariate Normal Means
T. Imada* and H. Douke

Logistic Discrimination with Total Variation Regularization
R. Rhlicke and D. Gervini*

Reliability and Survival Analysis

Robust Correlation Structure for Multivariate Failure Time Data
T. Hasan* and G. Sneddon

A Bayesian Change-point Analysis for Software Reliability Models
S. Nam, J-H. Cha* and S. Cho

Quality Control

A New Procedure to Monitor the Mean of a Quality Characteristic
M. Kiani, J. Panaretos* and S. Psarakis

Generalized Control Charts for Non-Normal Data Using g-and-k Distributions
M. Haynes*, K. Mengersen and P. Rippon

ARL Performance of the Tukey's Control Chart
C-C. Torng and P-H. Lee*

Statistics in Health

EM Algorithm Estimation of Simultaneous Equation Model with Limited Variables: An Example of Cigarette Consumption
Y-W. Wen*

Communications in Statistics:
Simulation and Computation

Table of Contents, Volume 37, Issue 10, 2008

*Corresponding author


Some Properties of the Pivotal Statistic Based on the Asymptotically Distribution-free Theory in Structural Equation Modeling
H. Ogasawara*

A Modular CDF Approach for the Approximation of Percentiles
K.R. Choudhury* and S. Tabirca

Performance Evaluation Based on the Robust Mahalanobis Distance and Multilevel Modelling Using Two New Strategies
G. Shukur*, S. Hussain, R. Holder and A. Almasri

Testing for Homogeneity in Mixture Using Weighted Relative Entropy
L. Wang and Y. Li*


A-Optimal and MV-Optimal Incomplete Block Designs for Comparing Successive Treatments
J. Spurrier*


An Empirical Study of Statistical Properties of Variance Partition Coefficients for Multi-level Logistic Regression Models
J. Li*, B. Gray and D. Bates

Schwarz Methods for Quasi-likelihood in Generalized Linear Models
G. Guo*


Estimation of k-Factor GIGARCH Process: A Monte Carlo Study
A. Diongue*


Identification of Influential Cases in Kernel Fisher Discriminant Analysis
S. Steel*, N. Louw and M. Lamont


A Method to Generate Multivariate Data with the Desired Moments
J. Lyhagen*


Normal Theory and Bootstrap Confidence Interval Estimation in Assessing Diagnostic Performance Gain When Combining Two Diagnostic Tests
S. Perera*


The Use of Ratios to Compare Volatilities and VaRs
J. van Zyl*


Alternative Factors for Control Chart Construction
J. Jarrett* and X. Pan

Phase I Analysis of Multiple Linear Regression Profiles
M. Mahmoud*

Communications in Statistics:
Simulation and Computation

Table of Contents, Volume 38, Issue 1, 2009

Robust Multivariate Regression When There is Heteroscedasticity
Rand R. Wilcox

Highly Efficient Designs to Handle the Incorrect Specification of Linear Mixed Models}
S. A. Ortega-Azurduy; F. E. S. Tan; M. P. F. Berger

Misspecification and Domain Issues in Fitting Garch(1,1) Models: A Monte Carlo Investigation
Fabio Bellini; Leonardo Bottolo

A Procedure of Selecting All Good Populations Under Heteroscedasticity
Shu-Fei Wu; Yuh-Ru Yu

Simulation and Estimation of the Meixner Distribution
Matteo Grigoletto; Corrado Provasi

Improved ρ-Value Tests for Comparing Two Independent Binomial Proportions
Che-Yang Lin; Ming-Chung Yang

Score Tests for Extra-Zero Models in Zero-Inflated Negative Binomial Models
N. Jansakul; John P. Hinde

An Alternative Test for the Equality of Variances for Several Populations When the Underlying Distributions are Normal
Madhusudan Bhandary; Hongying Dai

Testing Exponentiality Versus Pareto Distribution via Likelihood Ratio
Tomasz J. Kozubowski; Anna K. Panorska; Fares Qeadan; Alexander Gershunov; Debra Rominger

An Omnibus Test for Time Series Model l(d)
Terence Tai-Leung Chong; Melvin J. Hinich

Weibull and Gamma Renewal Approximation Using Generalized Exponential Functions
Tongdan Jin; Lakshmana Gonigunta

An Empirical Strategy to Detect Spurious Effects in Long Memory and Occasional-Break Processes
Luisa Bisaglia; Margherita Gerolimetto

Correlation Structure and Model Selection for Negative Binomial Distribution in GEE
Jisheng Cui; Liyun Feng

Communications in Statistics:
Simulation and Computation

Table of Contents, Volume 38, Issue 2, 2009

Rank-Based Classification Using Robust Discriminant Functions
Asheber Abebe; Sai V. Nudurupati

An Exponential Model for Damage Accumulation
N. Balakrishnan; Enrique Castillo; Alfonso Fernaacutendez-Canteli; Maria Kateri

An Improved Goodness-of-Fit Test for Logistic Regression Models Based on Case-Control Data by Random Partition
Xin Deng; Shuwen Wan; Biao Zhang

Robust Testing Procedures in Heteroscedastic Linear Models
Jin Zhao; Jinde Wang

Distance Between Bivariate Beta Random Points in Two Rectangular Cities
David P. Chu; Ali Reza Fotouhi

Using Weight Functions in Spatial Point Pattern Analysis with Application to Plant Ecology Data
Lai Ping Ho; Sung Nok Chiu

Prediction Intervals for an Ordered Observation from Weibull Distribution Based on Censored Samples
Hai-Lin Lu; Tsong-Huey Wu; Hai-Wen Lu

Assessing Occupational Exposure via the Unbalanced One-Way Random Effects Model
Ren-Dao Ye; Song-Gui Wang

Asymptotic Inference for Waiting Times and Patiences in Queues with Abandonment
Anders Gorst-Rasmussen; Martin B. Hansen

Assessing Symmetry Using Quantiles and L-Moments
G. E. Thomas

A Comparative Study of Some Modified Chi-Squared Tests
V. Voinov; N. Pya; R. Alloyarova

A Comparison of Mixed and Ridge Estimators of Linear Models
Huumlseyin Guumller; Selahattin Kaccediliranlar

Which Measure Should be Used for Testing in a Paired Design: Simple Difference, Percent Change, or Symmetrized Percent Change?
Handan Camdeviren Ankarali; Seyit Ankarali

New Bootstrap Applications in Supervised Learning
Getulio Jose Amorim Amaral; Marcelo Rodrigo Portela Ferreira

Multivariate Real-Time Signal Extraction by a Robust Adaptive Regression Filter
Matthias Borowski; Karen Schettlinger; Ursula Gather