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March 9, 2007

Computing Updates March 9th, 2007

[The following was emailed to all Math & Stats faculty, post-docs, graduate students, admin staff and visitors on March 9th, 2007. KM]

Four recent updates are posted on the departmental Computing News blog:

Reminder: Printing Multiple Copies
March 09, 2007
The problem with multiple copies no longer affects OS X systems using the new SMB print queues. The problem still exists on the linux workstations and servers.

Reminder: New Print Queues
March 09, 2007
A reminder that as of March 1st, Windows and OS X systems need to use the new SMB (Windows-file-sharing) queues to access the shared printers.

Daylight-Savings-Time Change
March 09, 2007
You should check the time on your Windows or OS X system on Monday to make sure that the DST changes took effect.

Check Backup Status
March 09, 2007
The Math & Stats servers, linux workstations and many office Macintosh systems are backed up nightly. You can check the backup status of your workstation on this page. Note that most of the linux workstations and servers use the central...

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