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August 8, 2008

Computing Updates: Internet Outage; Power Outage; more ...

This summary of recent postings to the Computing News blog was emailed to all department members this afternoon.

Power Outage Tuesday Morning
The power will be turned off in Hamilton Hall on Tuesday morning between 5 am and 7 am. Bluespruce and freesurface are not on battery backup right now and will be shut down at 4 am. We will shut linux workstations down remotely; you should turn off your office Windows or OS X workstation when you leave on Monday.

Internet Outage Friday Night
UTS advises us that the campus connection to the Internet will be down from Friday at 11pm until Saturday at 5am. Internal networks will still work, but external sites will be unavailable from campus, campus sites will be unavailable from the outside, and email will be essentially halted.

AppleTalk Access to Mathserv Disabled
AppleTalk access to mathserv is disabled because the protocol does not play well with NFS. You can use smb://mathserv to reach shares on mathserv from OS X.

Departmental Computing Updates via RSS
You can read the departmental computing updates in Apple Mail, Thunderbird and some other mail clients if you subscribe to the RSS feed at

If You are Leaving the Department Soon ...
.... please have a look at the So Long, Farewell... page on the Computing Resources site.

HH-403 Printer Update
The HH-403 printer is still down and will remain so until I return from vacation next week; I've not yet isolated the source of the probem.

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