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October 8, 2009

Problem opening attachments from Thunderbird in Gnome

We've found that double-clicking on mail attachments in Thunderbird doesn't work under Gnome, though it does under KDE. But there is a simple workaround and also a fix - a wacky one, but an easy one.


  • right-click on the attachment and choose Save As ...
  • open the Nautilus file browser (Places, Home Folder) and double-click the file

    Wacky fix

  • log out
  • log in with KDE (go to the Session menu on the login screen)
  • open Thunderbird
  • open any attachment by double-clicking
  • log out
  • log back with Gnome Double-clicking attachments should now work. I'm sure that there's some reasonable explanation, but I think I can live with the mystery for now.
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