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June 14, 2016

Electronics Collection, Reuse & Recycle Event

Facility Services will be collecting old electronic equipment ("anything with a power cord") on Thursday, June 16th from 10 - 2.  Items can be dropped off on the lawn across from University Hall or you can arrange for free pick up (call FS at ext. 24740).  There will be a chance to scavenge on June 22nd.

If you have any computers to dispose of, please email us first so that we can remove your hard drive for safe destruction.  

The announcement from Facility Services is below.
McMaster 2016 Electronics Collection, Reuse & Recycle Event

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

Do you want to de-clutter your home and/or office of outdated and/or unwanted electronic devices?

If so, take this opportunity to champion sustainability by offering these unused items for reuse and/or recycling at
McMaster's Electronic and IT Waste Collection on June16th.

Facility Services will be collecting outdated and unwanted electronics.  Items collected will be available for reuse on
June 22nd. Any equipment not taken for reuse will be fully recycled according to standards compliant with the Ontario
Electronic Stewardship Program.


June 22nd, 2016, at times designated below.


McMaster students, faculty, staff and members of the community


Any equipment with a cord qualifies. See the full list of acceptable items attached to this notice.

Items from home are also accepted.


- Main Campus: Grassy Mall across from University Hall, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Important steps to take before recycling your equipment:

Clear confidential information from your devices, as well as items from your department's movable asset inventory.

To coordinate electronics pick-up:

If you are not able to take your university-owned equipment safely to a drop-off location, please contact Facility
Services at extension 24740 to make arrangements for your electronic materials to be picked up. No charge will be
incurred for this service up to and including June 16th 2016.

Any queries, please contact:  sustainability@mcmaster.ca or ext 27517

Briana House

Sustainability Assistant
Facility Services
McMaster University

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