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Statistical Organizations

American Statistical Association Association des Statisticiennes et Statisticiens du Québec
The Bernoulli Society
Institute of Mathematical Statistics
Institute of Statistical Mathematics
International Society for Bayesian Analysis
International Association for Statistical Computing
International Statistical Institute
Irish Statistical Association
Royal Statistical Society
Statistical Society of Australia
Statistical Society of Canada

Statistical Journals

The American Statistician
Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Annals of Statistics
Canadian Journal of Statistics
Computational Statistics
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis
International Statistical Review
Journal of the American Statistical Association
Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics
Journal of Nonparametric Statistics
Journals of the Royal Statistical Society
Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation
Statistical Science
Statistical Software Newsletter
Statistics and Computing
Survey Methodology

University Departments

Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.
Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada.
McGill University, Montreal, Canada
McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada.
Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, Canada.
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada.
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.
Université Laval, Quebec, Canada.
Université de Montréal , Canada.
Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada
University of Toronto, Canada
University of Waterloo, Canada
University of Western Ontario, London, Canada.
York University, Toronto, Canada
University of Heidelberg, Germany
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.
University College Cork, Ireland.
University College Dublin, Ireland.
University of Limerick, Ireland.
EPF, Lausanne, Switzerland
ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
Oxford University, U. K.
University of Bath, U.K.
University of Bristol, U.K.
University of Cambridge, U.K.
University of Southampton, U.K.
Carnegie Mellon University , Pittsburgh, U.S.A.
Cornell University, Ithaca, U.S.A.
Rutgers University Piscataway, U.S.A.
Stanford University, U.S.A.
University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A.
University of California, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
University of California, Santa Barbara , U.S.A.
University of Chicago, U.S.A.
University of Connecticut, Storrs, U.S.A.
University of Florida, Gainesville, U.S.A.
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis - St. Pauls, U.S.A
University of Rochester, U.S.A.
University of Washington, Seattle, U.S.A
University of Wisconsin, Madison, U.S.A.
Other University Sites

Statistical Software (non-commercial)

Adaptive Rejection Sampling by Wally Gilks.
BUGS (Bayesian inference Using Gibbs Sampling) Home page
Emacs Speaks Statistics. Emacs interface for many widely used statistical languages.
Quail Quantitative Analysis in Lisp.
CRAN The Comprehensive R Archive Network.
Bootstrap Library for S-Plus by Angelo J. Canty.
Higher Order Asymptotics library for S-Plus by Alessandra R. Brazzale.
Modern Applied Statistics with S-Plus Links to software, datasets and other resources associated with the book by W.N. Venables and B.D. Ripley.
S Software for Unix. Archive mainatained by Brian Ripley.
S Software for Windows. Archive mainatained by Brian Ripley.
sm Library for S-Plus. Software associated with the book "Applied Smoothing Techniques for Data Analysis: The Kernel Approach with S-Plus Illustrations " by Adrian W. Bowman and Adelchi Azzalini.
Statlib software and data archive
Statlib Mirror in Italy
Statlib Mirror in the U.K.
VassarStats Online statistical computations.
Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics. Online modules for teaching basic probability and statistics.
ViSta The Visual Statistics System by Forrest Young.
Xlisp-stat source files by Luke Tierney

Other Useful Sites

Allstat mailing list
Bayesian E-print archive
Data Archives list
Markov Chain Monte Carlo preprint service
S-News mailing list and archive.
Statistics on the Web maintained by Clay Helberg
Statistics and Statistical Graphics Resources. Huge list of links maintained by Michael Friendly.
Statistics Resources on the Web from CTI Glasgow
Statistics Virtual Library
Statoo The Portal to Statistics on the Web
Wavelet Information
Yahoo's Statistics Links

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