These questions are primarily intended for members of media who wish to arrange an interview with me.

Q: What is your position?
A: Professor of Mathematics at McMaster University in Canada. Further biographical details are available on the Brief CV page on this web site.

Q: How did you get interested in your research area?
A: See my article One person's path to mathematical biology in Science's Next Wave (an online supplement to Science Magazine).

Q: Do you give advice to the government or to public health officials?
A: I am occasionally consulted and I do my best to provide useful information or opinions if possible. Providing advice to governments or public health representatives is not part of my job, though much of the research that I do has implications for the development of rational strategies for control of infectious diseases.

Q: How can I arrange an interview with you?
A: Please contact my assistant Susan Marsh-Rollo by e-mail at In your message, please provide:

  • Your full name and full contact details
  • The subject about which you would like to interview me
  • Your angle on the story
Last update: 22 October 2007