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Represented in:

Townsman (literary magazine), Mevagissey, Cornwall, England, 1938

The Western Morning News (Exeter, Devon, 1939-40)

Contemporary Verse (Vol. 1, No 2, Toroonto, December 1941)

Contemporary Music (ed. Louis de B Corriveau, Toronto 1941)

Partisan Review (New York, July-August 1942)

The Book of Canadian Poetry (ed A. J. M. Smith, University of Chicago Press, Chicago, Ill. 1b943)

Voices (Canadian Issue of Poetry: A Magazine of Verse, Chicago): (ed. Ralph Gustafson, Spring 1943)

Little Anthology of Canadian Poets (ed. Ralph Gustafson, New Directions 1943)

Canadian Accent (ed. Ralph Gustafson, Penguin 1944)

Saturday Night (Toronto, 1945)

Poems for the Interim (a selection of poems by Canadian authors published in Saturday Night), Consolidated Press, Toronto 1946)

Reading (a literary magazine, founded & edited by Ronald Hambleton, Lister Sinclair and Allan Anderson: February, April & May 1946)

Canadian Poetry Magazine (Vol 10, No 2, December 1946)

Theatre (London, England, 7 June 1952)

Mayfair (A Maclean-Hunter magazine) - monthly columns - 'Report from London'  Sept 52- June 1953

The Strad (London, England, Profile of Pablo Casals. September, 1952)

Radio Times (London, Nov 15, 1952)

The Listener (BBC) (1952)

Canadian Poetry in English, (ed B. Carman et al. revised 1954)

The Oxford Book of Canadian Poetry in English & French (ed. A..J..M.Smith, Oxford, 1960)

London Calling (Sep.`20, 1956)

The Canadian Reader (Vol 8 No 2)

The Penguin Book of Canadian Verse (ed.. Ralph Gustafson, Penguin Books, 1958)

British `Columbia Literary Quarterly (July 1959)

Fiddlehead (University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB (1979?))

Opera Canada (Winter 1980)

Fugue ((editor of music magazine) Toronto 1968)


The Canadian Forum

Chatelaine Magazine

The Canadian Home Jounal

See also:

Creative Canada (Vol 2 - p. 117)

Joan Givner: Mazo de la Roche: The Hidden Life

Fraser Sutherland: The Monthly Epic: A History of Canadian Magazines

E. J. Pratt on His Life and Poetry (edited by Susan Gingell)

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