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NEXT MEETING: REVISITING CALCULUS TEACHING; Saturday, 23 APRIL 2016 * meeting agenda This is the last meeting of the year. Hope to see you again in September, when we will resume our meetings.


Saturday, 2 APRIL 2016 * meeting agenda


Saturday, February 27, 2016 * meeting agenda Book talk: Vital Directions in Mathematics Education Organizers: Dragana Martinovic and Miroslav Lovric. This book grew out of a 2008–2009 lecture series (Scholars in Mathematics Education) at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Seven prominent mathematics educators from the USA and Canada were invited to discuss what they viewed as vital issues facing mathematics education and what they saw as viable directions research in mathematics education could take to address these issues. Each presenter then wrote a chapter based on this premise and their presentation; these chapters make up the middle seven chapters of the book. The first and last chapters are from other prominent mathematics educators and were written in reaction to the middle seven chapters. All of the issues raised in this book are related to the complexities of learning and teaching mathematics. The recommendations take the form of broad, overarching principles and ideas that cut across the field, garnished with specific and poignant examples. (Although the lectures were originally delivered to a U.S. audience, and thus the chapters often pull their examples from the state of education in the USA, the ideas speak to the international mathematics education community.) In this sense, this book differs from classical “research agenda projects,” which seek to outline specific research questions that the field should address around a central topic. Rather, in this case, each chapter takes on vital issues in mathematics education that cut across many research agendas. The desired message is as follows: Here are vital issues facing mathematics education and here are some frameworks to direct and support research that will move us forward in addressing these issues.

We will identify presenters for the nine chapters. Among other things,they will try to assess if any progress has been made since 2008-2009, and discuss whether or not these are still relevant issues. The chapters are: Chapter 1: Reflections on a Portrait of our Field (StevenR. Williams) Chapter 2: Making Progress in U.S. Mathematics Education: Lessons Learned-Past, Present and Future (Mark Hoover Thames and Deborah Ball) Chapter 3: The Constantly Underestimated Challenge of Improving Mathematics Instruction (James Hiebert) Chapter 4: In the Absence of Meaning (Patrick Thompson) Chapter 5: The Need for Theories of Conceptual Learning and Teaching of Mathematics (Martin A. Simon) Chapter 6: Intellectual Need (Guershon Harel) Chapter 7: The False Dichotomy in Mathematics Education between Conceptual Understanding and Procedural Skills: An Example from Algebra (Carolyn Kieran) Chapter 8: Needed: Critical Foxes (Jeremy Kilpatrick) Chapter 9: Where are the Foxes in Mathematics Education? (Jo Boaler, Sarah Kate Salling, Kathy Sun)


JANUARY 30, 2016 is our Research day (Agenda). On behalf of the Fields MathEd Forum, we would like to invite submissions of abstracts for Short Oral and Poster presentations for our annual Research Day. We are seeking abstracts of up to 500 words that describe the context, research questions, goals, and findings of your research in mathematics education. We especially encourage submissions from researchers affiliated with Canadian institutions, including graduate students. No registration is necessary and there are no fees for presenters or participants of the Forum. The MathEd Forum meets on a monthly basis during the academic year and all are welcome to attend (see the list of our activities at The deadline for submission of abstracts is December 1, 2015. The MathEd Forum Research Day will be held on January 30, 2016, at the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, in Toronto. You may also wish to submit an extended paper (8-15 pages) for consideration for publication in the Fields Mathematics Education Journal (FMEJ). Submission of a long paper from the Research Day participants is not required, but is encouraged. For more information regarding the journal, please check the journal Web site: We appreciate your interest, and request that you send your abstracts to Joyce Mgombelo and Ami Mamolo. We look forward to hearing from you!




October 31, 2015 MEETING AGENDA This is our "away" meeting. We meet in Ottawa, starting at 11am. Title:"Enactivist methodology in mathematics education research." Confirmed speaker is Laurinda Brown, other speakers will be announced as they confirm. Organized by Richard Barwell and Christine Suurtamm. Suggestions? Send an email to organizers. Logistics: Rooms are available at a hotel near the university (Capital Hill) at a slightly reduced rate but you must book by 4pm on Friday, 23 October. The group confirmation number is #714877 and the group name is Ottawa University. Check:
Organizers also started a webpage to collect any useful information for attendees:
If you are interested in carpooling (offering, or using), contact Miroslav Lovric.