Online Math CoNTEST

Sorry, we will not run the contest until further notice.

Designed to be inclusive and fun, this competition can be used as a classroom activity for students who have completed or are taking enriched Grade 9 Math, Grade 10 Math, Grade 11 Math or Grade 12 Math. The inherent flexibility of a web-based contest means that it can be written at any time of the day or as an after-school activity.


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Our Online Math Competition has been supported by a grant from Canadian Mathematics Society

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Dialogue on Transition

to be announced


Department of Mathematics and Statistics at McMaster University has been hostinga Dialogue on Transition Issues with math teachers in the region. We invite teachers to share their insights and experience in regards to grade 11 and 12 math courses and we discuss how Level I math courses at McMaster have changed to adapt to changes in the high school mathematics curriculum.


Directions to McMaster.


Math@Mac Day for Students Grades 10, 11, and 12

not running at the moment, sorry



This event will include a series of interactive mathematics activities and presentations. Designed to be inclusive and fun, the day will feature individual and team prizes for a variety of problems that should appeal to a wide range of interests and abilities. Plan to bring an entire class or a group of interested students from various levels.



Directions to McMaster. Parking/drop off options:

Option 1: Enter campus via the Main Street entrance and proceed to Lot I. Take a ticket to lift gate and before leaving pay at a pay station (coins, bills or credit card) or at the exit (credit card). The rate is $5 per hour for a maximum of $20.

Option 2: Enter campus via the Cootes Drive entrance, turn left to cross the bridge and proceed down the hill to Lots M or P. Take a ticket to lift gate and before leaving pay at a pay station (coins, bills or credit card) or at the exit (credit card). There is a flat rate fee of $5. Take a white shuttle bus up to campus or walk to MUSC (15 to 20 minutes).

Option 3: Students may be dropped off in front of MUSC (Student Centre). Enter campus via Sterling St. entrance turn right into the parking area which will loop around. Pick up a ticket to lift gate. There is no charge for stays of less than 15 minutes. Student pick-up should be in front of MUSC (Student Centre). Again, drivers should enter campus via the Sterling St. entrance. It is recommended that for pick-up, drivers go to a pay station if there is any doubt they are over the 15 minute limit.


Other Activities of Interest

The Mathematics Review Manual is an excellent resource for students who will need to take first year calculus at university. It is strongly recommended that students work through the review during the summer months before their first semester at university.


Kangaroo Math Competition has been scheduled for 24 March 2024. McMaster iis hosting it (in person). Questions? send Math Kangaroo an email.


We also encourage elementary teachers to consider organizing a math fair at their school using SNAP Math Fair guidelines.


The Fields Mathematics Education Forum (MathEd Forum) meets seven times a year for discussions about teaching and learning math at all levels. For meeting dates and agenda, visit the Fields Institute Centre for Mathematics Education and scroll down to Workshops and Conferences.