Computer Accounts and Access

Your Departmental Account

All faculty, staff, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and long-term visitors may have an an account (i.e. username, login id) on the Math & Stats systems. Your departmental computer account will allow you read your mail, edit your Web sites, login to graduate-student and post-doctoral-fellow linux workstations, and connect to computing servers such as bayes and spruce.

To change the password for your departmental account, login to via ssh and enter the command passwd. For details, see this FAQ entry.

Note that your departmental email address will be posted as public contact information.

MAC ID: Your University Account

Your departmental account only gets you on to departmental services. In order to use university services such as univmail, the campus wireless installations, the UTS undergraduate computer labs, and virtual-private-network access. Graduate students can apply for a MAC ID online (see below). Faculty and staff will need to fill out and sign a paper form; visitors will need a note from the chair stating their status and dates of their visit in addition to the form.

Graduate Students

Your account should be set up for your prior to your arrival; you will receive information about the account - including your username and password - from the department office.

Post-doctoral Fellows, Faculty and Staff

Your department account should be ready for your before you arrive and you will receive your username and password from the office. If you need to use university computing services such as the undergraduate labs or the campus wireless service, go to the UTS main office in T13 with your employee card and complete the (paper) account request form. Be sure to ask if you may have the same username that you have on the departmental systems.

Long-term Visitors

If you have been invited by the department, your departmental account should be ready for your before you arrive and you will receive your username and password from the office. If you are an unofficial visitor, please have your host contact the systems administrators. You will require a note from the chairman stating your status, host and the duration of your visit in order to apply for a university account (which most visitors won't need).

Short-term Visitors

Short-term visitors generally don't request or require system accounts. If you are a visitor and would like network access for your laptop, see the Laptops & Wireless page. Department members may certainly arrange for visitor accounts even for short-term visits - an account would be useful if, for example, visitors will be using an office with a linux workstation in it, or if visitors will need to print to the shared printers.

Account Expiry

Your account will remain active for one year after your departure: your web site will remain up, you will be able to send and receive email, and you will have access to the departmental systems. After one year, your account will be closed and your home directory will be archived and removed from the server: your web site will disappear, your email will begin to bounce and you will have no access to your files. Details here.