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Email on the Math & Stats Mail Service

All faculty, staff, post-docs, graduate students and long-term visitors have email accouts hosted on the

Note that your account is distinct from your addressed, which is hosted on either MacMail (faculty, staff) or via Google on McMaster Student Mail (graduate students).

Note that your departmental email address will be posted as public contact information.

Your Email Address

You can advertise either of the following for your departmental email address:

Reading Your Mail

 In 2015 we consolidated the email services which we run on various departmental servers - including on - to a new server,, which will provide more up-to-date and consistent email service.

See for webmail and for application settings.

Forwarding Mail

To forward your mail to another address, create a file name .forward in your mbox home direcotory: e.g.

echo "" > .forward

See the Email section of the Math & Status computing FAQ for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Other mail questions are addressed in the Email section of the FAQ page.