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Contact Information


?         e-mail: wang@mcmaster.ca

?         phone: (905)-525-9140 extension 23405

?         fax: (905)-522-0935

?         snail mail: Department of Mathematics and Statistics, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, L8S 4K1, Canada

Research Area


Differential geometry, geometric analysis, geometric methods in physics, group actions on manifolds




?         Math 2X3 (Advanced Calculus I) Fall 2015

?         Math 4B3/6B3 (Calculus on Manifolds) Fall 2015

?         Math 3B3 (Geometry) Winter 2016

The course webpages can be assessed here: http://www.math.mcmaster.ca/index.php/undergraduate-studies/undergraduate-courses.html

Recent Publications/Preprints/Notes


?         (with A. Dancer) Classification of superpotentials, Comm. Math. Phys. 284 (2008), 583-647

?         (with A. Dancer) On Ricci solitons of cohomogeneity one, Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry, 39 (2011), 259-292

?         (with A. Dancer) Classifying superpotentials:three summands case, J. Geom. Phys., 61 (2011), 675-692

?         (with A. Dancer) Cohomogeneity one Ricci solitons, AIP Conf. Proc., Vol. 1360, (2011), 93-98

?         Einstein metrics from symmetry and bundle constructions:a sequel, Advanced Lectures in Math Vol. 22, Higher education Press/International Press (2012), 253-309

?         (with A. Dancer and S. Hall) Cohomogeneity one shrinking Ricci solitons: an analytic and numerical study, Asian J. Math., 17 (2013), 33-61

?         (with M. Buzano, A. Dancer and M. Gallaugher) Non-kahler expanding Ricci solitons, Einstein metrics and exotic cone structures, Pacific J. Math., Vol. 273, (2015), 369-394, arXiv:1311.5097

?         (with M. Buzano, A. Dancer and M. Gallaugher) A family of steady Ricci solitons and Ricci-flat metrics, arXiv:1309.6140

?         (with M. Buzano and A. Dancer) A family of steady Ricci solitons and Ricci-flat metrics, Comm. Anal. Geom., 23 (2015), 611-638

?         (with A. Betancourt de la Parra, A. Dancer) A Hamiltonian approach to the cohomogeneity one Ricci solitons equations, arXiv:1407.2551

?         (with P. Lu) Ancient Ricci flow solutions on torus bundles

The following file contains a listing of the 2-dimensional faces which need to be analysed for the results in the first reference above:

????????????????????????????????????? 2dfaces.pdf


Graduate Students


????????? I? am happy to take on graduate students at both the M. Sc. and Ph. D. levels. Here are my former students and some information about their research projects.

JUN WANG:? (Ph. D. McMaster University 1996)

?????????????????? Thesis: Einstein metrics on bundles

?????????????????? Papers:? ????? J. Wang: Einstein metrics on principal circle bundles, Diff. Geom. Appl., 7 (1997), 377-388.

????????????????????????????????????? J. Wang and M. Wang: Einstein metrics on S^2 bundles, Math. Ann., 310 (1998), 497-526.

DEZHONG CHEN: (Ph. D. McMaster University 2010)

?????????????????? Thesis: Bundle construction of Einstein metrics

?????????????????? Papers:??????? D. Chen: A notes on Ricci signatures, PAMS 137 (2009), 273-278

????????????????????????????????????? D. Chen: Examples of Einstein manifolds in odd dimensions, Ann. Glob. Anal. Geom. , 40 (2011), 339-377.

????????????????????????????????????? D. Chen: Construction of conformally compact Einstein manifolds, arXiv:0908.1430

DAVID WILLIAMS (M. Sc. McMaster University 2000)

?????????????????? Thesis: Construction of closed constant mean curvature surfaces

AMI MAMALO (M. Sc. McMaster University 2005)

?????????????????? Project: Exploring spacetimes and singularities

JASON HARADYN (M. Sc. McMaster University 2010)

?????????????????? Project: Invariant Einstein metrics and Ricci curvature on the exceptional Aloff-Wallach spaces

CONG ZHOU: (M. Sc. McMaster University 2013)

?????????????????? Thesis: On complete non-compact Ricci-flat cohomogeneity one manifolds

Former Undergraduate Research Students


CLARA BLAKELOCK (USRA 2005): Painleve analysis of the Einstein equations

LAURA WALTON (USRA 2010): Iterating the Ricci tensor of homogeneous metrics

MICHAEL GALLAUGHER (USRA 2013): Numerical analysis of Einstein and soliton equations

JONATHAN BAKER (USRA 2014): Numerical analysis of Einstein and solitons equations

MARTIN BLOTSTEIN (USRA 2014): Iterating the Ricci tensor of homogeneous metrics

MEGAN HARTWELL (USRA 2015): Finding superpotentials for Einstein equations with nonzero cosmological constant

CISSY SUEN (USRA 2015): Numerical analysis of soliton and Einstein equations


Other Links


McMaster University Department of Mathematics and Statistics homepage: http://www.math.mcmaster.ca

For information about GAP (Geometry and Physics) meetings: http://www.math.uwaterloo.ca/~gap

For information about Geometric analysis colloquium at Fields: http://www.fields.utoronto.ca/programs/scientific/14-15/geomanalysis

For information about the Canadian Journal of Mathematics and/or Canadian Mathematical Bulletin: http://math.ca


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