The McMaster Camping Expedition to the Statistical Society of Canada Annual Meeting in Regina 6-9 June 1999

McMaster students Keshavlal Rathi, Franky Cihon, Tara Srinivasan, Kelley Haynes and Julie Anne Philip at Old Woman Bay, Lake Superior.

Old Woman Bay.

Moccasin Flower, Blue Lake Provincial Park, Ontario.

Sunset, Blue Lake.

Labrador Tea, Blue Lake Provincial Park.

Bunchberry, Blue Lake Provincial Park.

Franky, Julie Anne, Tara, Kelley and Keshav visit the Diefenbaker Homestead museum at Wascana Park, Regina. This is where John Diefenbaker lived with his uncle, but the shack was out in the prairie then. It is now in the middle of Regina.

Our first view of Regina through a windshield splattered with prairie bugs.


Julie Anne gives our Case Study presentation.

McMaster students with the other participants in the Niagara River Pollution Case Study: Franky Cihon, Kelley Haynes, Zhaohui Li (Toronto), Lee Er (UBC), Jochen Brumm (UBC), Ryan Woods (UBC), Julie Anne Philip, Mohammad Dolotabadi (Toronto), Peter Macdonald (McMaster - Chair), Rong Zhu (UBC).

Lake Superior Shore, Neys Provincial Park, Ontario.

Tara in the mists of Lake Superior.

Blind River. Photo - F. Cihon.

Sudbury. Photo - D. Macdonald.

Moccasin Flower, Obatanga Provincial Park.

Moccasin Flower, Blue Lake Provincial Park.

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