Research Interests

My research is in the fields of commutative algebra, representation theory and algebraic geometry. I am particularly interested in equivariant minimal free resolutions of ideals and modules over polynomial rings. I am also interested in algorithms and computational methods, and I often use mathematical software such as Macaulay2.


10. Distinguishing k-configurations (with Y.S. Shin and A. Van Tuyl)
9. Geometry of Hessenberg varieties with applications to Newton-Okounkov bodies (with H. Abe, L. DeDieu, and M. Harada)
8. The symbolic defect of an ideal (with A.V. Geramita, Y.S. Shin, and A. Van Tuyl)
7. On the ideal generated by all squarefree monomials of a given degree
6. Degrees of regular sequences with a symmetric group action (with A.V. Geramita and D.L. Wehlau)
Canad. J. Math. - arXiv:1610.06610
5. Symmetric complete intersections (with A.V. Geramita and D.L. Wehlau)
Comm. Algebra - arXiv:1604.01101
4. Generators of truncated symmetric polynomials
J. Pure Appl. Algebra, 221(2):276–285, 2017 - arXiv:1011.6068
3. Propagating weights of tori along free resolutions
J. Symbolic Comput., 74:1-45, 2016 - arXiv:1406.1900
2. Free resolutions and modules with a semisimple Lie group action
J. Softw. Algebra Geom., 7(1):17–29, 2015
1. Computational Methods for Orbit Closures in a Representation with Finitely Many Orbits
Exp. Math., 23(3):310–321, 2014

Ph.D. Dissertation

Free resolutions of orbit closures for representations with finitely many orbits
PDF - M2 files - arXiv:1210.6410  2015-2018 Federico Galetto