Jarvis Kennedy

MSc. Mathematics Student at McMaster University

Office: McMaster University, Hamilton Hall room 105 (this is a shared office space).

Email: kennej18@mcmaster.ca

Courses I am currently a teaching assistant for:

MATH2R03: Linear Algebra 2 - Fall 2019.

Graduate Course Work:

MATH721: Final presentation on basic Hilbert space theory.

Undergraduate Research Projects:

An Algebraic Approach to Linear Differential Operators: In this paper, Differential Galois Theory is used to show that a particular linear differential equation has no "elementary" solutions.

Variations on Sard's Theorem : In this paper, the original proof of Sard's Theorem given by Arthur Sard is examined. Details are also filled in from the proof given by Smale that Sard's Theorem generalizes to infinite dimensional Banach Spaces.