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Admin Information

(Updated May 7, 2019)

Welcome to the McMaster Math Help Centre webpage!

This is the official webpage where all your Help Centre information is posted. Check here regularly for updates, information and special event listings.

At the Help Centre, tutors are available, free of charge , whenever we are open, for all our supported math and stats courses, including of the first year math courses and the year 2 engineering courses!

Looking for additional help? Try your instructors's office hours.
All the office hours are listed at This Link

Official Help Centre Hours
Summer Location:
HH Main Floor (Math Cafe)

Starting May 13th! - Limited Hours Spring/Summer Session

16:00-17:00 (4:00pm-5:00pm) (Monday-Thursday)



May 7

We Begin Again

Welcome to the Spring and Summer sessions!

We are back open for the current semesters, but in a new location.
During Spring and Summer semesters, the Help Centre is held in the "Math Cafe" area of Hamilton Hall: That is the sitting area on the main floor near the entrance.

Additionally we are on reduced hours: Only from 4:00-5:00pm (16:00-17:00) Monday through Thursday.

So come on out, meet our summer TA, and get your questions answered.
And best of luck on your summer courses.


Apr. 23

And It's OVER

And that's it for another term everyone!

We'll still have a TA or two hanging aboutn for a few more days until Monday, April 29th, between 3:30-5:30pm (15:30-17:30) for any remaining test returns, but other than that, we're done for the season.

Hopefully exams went well, both in Math and in all of your other courses.

In a couple of weeks we'll put up an announcement regarding the (very short) Summer Help Centre hours. But until then, have a good break, and for those of you not coming back for the spring and summer sessions, have a good summer, and see you in September!


Apr. 2

Pre Exam Reviews and Extra Tutorials Updated

The pre-exam review sessions, extra 1XX3 tutorial and the Centre open times have all been updated.
Go see the calendar above for details.


Mar. 15

1XX3 Extra Tutorial Updated

The 1XX3 Review has been converted to an extra tutorial!
Go check the calendar for details.


Feb. 15

It's Reading Week

It's reading week starting Feb. 18th! So go take a break.
We're not open during this week, but we'll be back on Monday Feb. 25th to help you with all your math needs! So see you then!


Feb. 13

New 2ZZ3 Review!

Since we lost one review session to snow yesterday for Math 2ZZ3, we've added a new one today! 6:30-8:30pm in PC 155.
And don't forget the other one is still on, 4:30-6:20pm in ITB AB102.


Jan. 27

Pre-Test Reviews Posted

The Centre Calendar has been updated with (nearly all) the pre-test reviews for the regular term tests and mid-terms.
Go take a look at the link to the Calendar above this table!


Jan. 9

Welcome Back!

Hello again everyone!

As another term begins the Help Centre is getting ready to be there for all your math help needs!

The Centre officially opens on MONDAY JAN. 14th, and all your year 1 course TAs (and 2ZZ3 TAs!) will be about to assist you.

Over the next week or so we'll have all the schedules posted and our Calendar of special events, but in the meantime, settle back into the swing of things, and come on by starting on Monday: We'll be waiting to assist you.


Dec. 18

Closed for the Holidays!

That's it everyone!

We're closed for the Holidays, but we'll be back in January to help you once again with all your mathematical needs.

See you all back here in 2019!


Nov. 28


Yes! You heard correctly! We're open during exams!
So if you have any derivative issues, or having trouble with matrices, come on by and ask your questions!

And don't forget, many of our courses have pre-exam review sessions! So take a look at the link to the Calendar above and see what's coming soon!.


Nov. 18

1LS3 Test #3 Prep Session - By MSS Tutoring!

MSS Tutoring has a prep session for the 1LS3 Test #3 on Thurs. Nov. 22, 7:00-8:30pm (19:00-20:30) in IAHS 240/244. So if you're studying for the 1LS3 this week, come on out and get some assistance from the MSS!


Oct. 28

Update and Reminder

We've updated the information on more of the pre-test reviews, so check out the calendar for details.

And don't forget, we're open during the EXAMS! We'll have reduced hours (2:30-6:30pm only) but during the exam period, we'll be open as long as there are math exams to study for.
The calendar will be updated with the exact days, and tenative dates for pre-exam review sessions sometime in the next week, so check back soon for more information.


Oct. 6

Break Week Begins!

Please note: Oct. 8-12 the Math Help Centre WILL BE CLOSED!

It's the holiday week, so I'm afraid our TAs won't be about.
But we'll be back on Mon. Oct. 15 to help you with all your math and stats related questions, so see you then.


Sept. 29

1X03 TA Hours Adjusted

Fletcher's hours have been adjusted to better match tutorial, test and lecture times. This impacts 1X03 as well as 1C03

Moreover there are a couple of small tweaks to the regular lecture hours so take a look at the posted schedule above for details.


Sept. 26

1X03 Test #1 Review MOVED!

Please note that due to an unavoidable issue, the 1X03 Test #1 Review session has been moved to 4:30 on Friday, Sept. 28th in TSH 120.
Sorry for any inconvenience.


Sept. 26

Graduate Information Session Has Taken Over HH/104

On Wed. Oct.3, from, 5:30-7:00pm (17:30-19:00) the Centre will host the the Math and Stats Graduate Information Session

But those looking for help, don't worry!
We'll still hold our reguarly scheduled service, but we'll be across the hall, over in HH/102, for the evening.


Sept. 19

Corrections and Confirmations

Please note that we've updated the Centre Calendar to correct the 1K03 assignment due dates.
And we've confirmed and posted the times for the test #1 reviews for 1L03 and 1F03.
So go take a look to see the new updated information.


Sept. 12

We're Open for Business!

And we're back!

Come on by to the Math Help Centre in HH/104 (We're in the basement!)
Which in Hamilton Hall is the first floor!

We have TAs about to help you whenever we are open, but we additionally have the office hours for your course TAs! Their regular hours can be found in the table above these announcements!

Additionally, take a look at the calendar above to see any special centre events.

Over the next week we'll be posting pre-test review dates for all your term test needs (Except for you 1LS3) so stay tuned.


Aug. 8

Closed for August!

It's all over everyone!
Summer classes are finished, so we're closed!

But we'll be back in September, just in time to help you through all those tests and assignments in the new year!

See you then!


May 2

A New Season and a New Term!

And we're back!

For the summer we've relocated up to the "Math Cafe" area, the sitting area on the main floor of Hamilton Hall.

We're open 1hr a day, 5:00-6:00pm, Mon-Thurs. so come on by and talk some math!


Apr. 20

And That's All Folks!

The year 1 math exams have all ended, and only a handful of year 2 courses remain.
So as of Friday April 20, the Centre is closed until the end of term.
But! Not to worry!
We'll still be open for any remaining test returns from 3:30-5:30pm each day until the 25th.
And we'll be open again to assist you for your Spring semester courses starting May 7th.
So have a good summer everyone, and if you're not about for the summer courses, see you all in September!


Apr. 12


Just a reminder, that, as posted in the Celendar above, we're still open for exams! So come on out and get some help!
Moreover, don't forget! On Friday only we open a pinch late (at 4:00).


Mar. 22

1XX3 Review Moved!

The 1XX3 Exam review for Monday, March 26 has been moved up an hour. Go check out the calendar link above for the new time and location details.

And if you haven't noticed, the exam reviews for all courses have had their times and locations posted on the calendar recently as well.


Feb. 16

We're Back With a Bump!

We're back from reading week, and already there's some changes!

First, the review this week for 1XX3 has been bumped up to Thursday,right after the lecture (but in a different room.) See the calendar above for details!

Second, during the exams, on Friday April 13th, there's a special, non-centre related event borrowing our room for the first hour. So we won't be open until 4:00pm on that day. Again, it's all in the Calendar.

And don't forget! During exams we are otherwise open 2:30-6:30 each day, and test returns are from 3:30-5:30pm as usual.


Feb. 16

Closed for a Break!

It's reading week everyone!
So We're closed!

But we'll be back Feb. 26th, just in time to help you through all those tests and assignments that are coming up after thw break.


Jan. 20

Test Reviews are Posted!

The review dates, times and locations for the year 1 (and some of the year 2) math courses are up on the Centre Calendar!

See the link above this table for details!


Jan. 4

The New Beginning!

Welcome back everyone!
Hopefully your exams went well, and you're ready to go for term 2!

The Math Help Centre will be open once again for all your term 2 mathematical needs starting Thurs. Jan. 11, so come on by and let's talk mathematics!


Dec. 20

The End! (For now!)

And that is that!
The Help Centre is now closed for Christmas!
Good luck on your final grades!

And don't forget: We're back to serve all your math help needs in term 2.
So come check back and see what we're up to in January!


Dec. 2

Exam Centre Hours Posted

Contrary to popular belief, the Help Centre is open during the exams!

We're open from 2:30-6:30 each day during the exams until the 20th!

Moreover you can come and pick up old tests and assignments any day we're open between 3:30-5:30pm, as usual.

So come on in and get some math help!


Dec. 1

Pre-Exam Review Dates and Times are Posted!

We've got pre-exam reviews for most of the math courses!
They're all posted in our new, updated Help Centre Calendar above!
So go take a look!


Oct. 24

2Z Term Test #2 Moved

The second term test for 2Z03 has been moved down a day.
See the centre calendar above, or, of course, the 2Z03 course page.


Sept. 24

Review Session Dates Posted

The Help Centre review session dates are now posted for the term.
Take a look at the calendar above to see when the reviews for each course are scheduled!


Sept. 16

1X03 & The Math And Stats Society!

The Math and Stats Society is holding "Mock" practice mid-terms for 1X03 before each of the 1X03 midterms!

Go see their website for details: Math and Stats Society Website


Sept. 12

Welcome Everyone!

The Fall term is underway, and soon you'll need all the Math Help you can get!
We're open starting THURS. Jan. 11, so come on by and ask some questions!

Also, over the next few weeks we'll be scheduling pre-test review sessions and special events.
Check back here through Sept., and we'll update the event calendar will all the relevant information as it becomes available.

Have a great term, and see you in the Centre.

Need more help? Try a private tutor! Tutor Contact List