Professor and University Scholar, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, McMaster University.

Associate Member, Department of Computing and Software, McMaster University.

Director, MacDATA Institute, McMaster University.

Canada Research Chair in Computational Statistics (Tier 1).

Member, College of the Royal Society of Canada.

President, The Classification Society.

Research focusing on computational statistics, especially mixture model-based clustering and classification.

Current research includes work on non-Gaussian mixtures, matrix variate distributions, and real problems in big data analytics.

Research group currently comprises a PDF, six Ph.D. students, two Master's students, and two undergraduate researchers.

Research monograph Mixture Model-Based Classification published by Chapman & Hall/CRC Press in August 2016.

Recent Open Access Publications
Murray, P.M., Browne, R.P. and McNicholas, P.D. (2017), 'Hidden truncation hyperbolic distributions, finite mixtures thereof, and their application for clustering', Journal of Multivariate Analysis 161, 141-156. [doi]

McNicholas, P.D. (2016), 'Model-based clustering', Journal of Classification 33(3), 331-373. [doi]

Department of Mathematics & Statistics,
McMaster University,
1280 Main St. W.,
N L8S 4K1.

t: +1-905-525-9140, x 23419


Note that enqiures from prospective students are welcome but, due to the volume recieved, many will not recieve a response.