Math 1A03 2011-12


12 December 2011: Solutions to the practice exam, thanks to Chris. Note that in question 5, for full credit, the solution should check that the critical point is a minimum. In question 7a, the point x_2 is incorrectly marked. It should be where the tangent line to (x_1,f(x_1)) crosses the x-axis, and the point of the question is that the tangent line to x_2 crosses the x-axis at x_1, so x_3 = x_1, and the sequence does not converge.
Correction: what happens is that |x_1| < |x_2| < |x_3| < ..., and hence the sequence does not converge (to 0).

9 December 2011: Marked assignement 3 can be picked up in the Math Help Centre. All marks are gathered here, including Diagnostic and WebAssign homework marks. Please check that we have the correct marks recorded for you; inform Dr Haskell of any discrepancies. "no match" indicates that the student number was not found in the WebAssign roster; again, let Dr Haskell know if you believe this to be an error.

7 December 2011: The final exam covers all of the material of the course, with slightly more emphasis on the later material which has not yet been examined. There will not be any proofs, but you should understand the meaning of the theorems that we discussed.

5 December 2011: Instructor's office hours during the exam period:
Dr. Bays HH 407 3:40-5:10 Tuesday Dec 6 and 2:40-4:10 Friday Dec 9
Dr Barto HH 409 Tue Dec 6 - 15:30-17:00, Wed Dec 7 - 14:30-16:00, Fri Dec 9 - 14:30 - 16:00, Mon Dec 12 : 14:30 - 16:00
Dr Haskell HH316 Tue Dec 6 11:30-12:30, Thurs Dec 8 9:00-10:00, Fri Dec 9 9:30-10:30, Mon Dec 12 9:30-10:30

1 December 2011: Here, for your pleasure, is a practice final exam. You can ask the instructors about it during office hours during the exam period (times to be posted here), or in the Math Help Centre, which will also be open during the exam period. There will be a review session on Monday, December 12, 2:30--4:30 in BSB 147.

30 November 2011: We are aware of the issue with scoring the WebAssign Week 11 assignment. We are working with WebAssign to resolve the problem.

28 November 2011: Solutions to Midterm 2.

28 November 2011: The written homework is due at 5pm on Monday, 5 December. Sorry for the confusion.

23 November 2011: The last written homework is now posted on the problems page. Since we are a bit late posting it, it will be due on Monday, 2 December, which is the last day of classes.

22 November 2011: OK, I think this is now the correct file, complete with marks for midterms 1 and 2, (written) assignments 1 and 2, and all MSAF  excused absences for midterms received up to today. Please check over your marks, and report any discrepancies to Dr Haskell, who will fix the problem.

22 November 2011: I just disabled the link to the marks; that file is not correct. Please collect your exams from theMath Help Cantre to find out your marks.

21 November 2011: The midterms were marked today, and can be collected from the Math Help Centre. Assignment 2 can also be picked up. Please look over your exam, and ask your instructor if you have any questions. The file with complete marks, including all MSAF for midterm 2 (but not for assignment 2) received as of today, is here. As always, the file is ordered numerically by last five digits of student id number. Please report any discrepancies to your instructor. Check back here soon for midterm 2 solutions.

16 November 2011: Hurray! the system is back up again. Now I can post all the information that you need to know for the upcoming midterm.
Seating arrangements for Midterm 2 are the same as those for Midterm 1. Here they are again:

-- if your family name lies in the range: A--G then go to T28/001
-- if your family name lies in the range: H - K then go to T29/101
-- if your family name lies in the range: L - M then go to T29/105
-- if your family name lies in the range: N - S then go to MDCL/1102
-- if your family name lies in the range: T - Z then go to MDCL/1105

Bring your student ID with you. You will want a calculator. The date is Thursday November 17, 7:15--8:45 pm.

14 November 2011: Several people have asked for clarification on what the midterm will cover. This is sections 5.5, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5, 7.7. Anyone who needs to use the alternate seating time for the exam (Thursday 4:30-6:00) should send an email to Dr Haskell by Wednesday afternoon with their student id number and the reason for not being able to attend the regular seating.

11 November 2011: The Math Help Centre is running a review sesssion before the midterm. It will be on Tuesday, 15 November in ITB AB102, 8-10pm.

11 November 2011: Dr Barto's office hours on Wednesday, Nov 16 and Thursday, Nov 17 are cancelled.

10 November 2011: Practice midterm 2 is now available. Note that the formula sheet at the end is the same as the one you will have for the real midterm.

10 November 2011: This should be the correct file with up-to-date marks.

9 November 2011: Homework and recommended problems for Week 9 are now posted on the problems page and WebAssign. The up-to-date list of marks for Midterm 1 and Assignment 1 is posted here, including all MSAF requests for an excused absence. Any requests for corrections or amendments to these marks must be recieved by Dr Haskell before Thursday, November 17th.

25 October 2011: MSU teaching awards are given to one professor from each faculty each year. You can nominate your favorite professor by going to

24 October 2011: Sample solutions to the first written assignment are here. The second written assignment is due on Wednesday, November 9.

20 October 2011: One midterm had no name on it. Please contact your instructor or Dr. Haskell if you believe it to be yours.

20 October 2011: Dr Haskell's office hours on Monday, October 24 and Thursday October 27 are cancelled.

15 October 2011: Solutions to Midterm 1 and marks are now posted. The average was 39.8 -- well done everyone! But don't give up the good work; the next test will be harder. The marks are sorted by the last 5 digits of student id number. Excused absences (pre-arranged or MSAF received by Saturday noon) are indicated by an X. Marked exams can be collected from the Math Help Centre. Please look over your exam, and ask your instructor if there appear to be any problems with the marking or the recording of marks.
Midterm 1 solutions
Midterm 1 marks

13 October 2011: Marked homework assignments can be collected from the Math Help Centre.

13 October 2011: Homework and recommended problems for weeks 5 and 6 are now available on WebAssign and on the prolems page of this website.

4 October 2011: Midterm 1 will cover all the material that we have done in Weeks 1 through 4 (check the calendar page for sections of the text). You should know definitions, statements of theorems, and the following proofs:
    - differentiable implies continuous
    - product rule
    - quotient rule
    - increasing/decreasing test
You should also know all the differentiation formulas numbered 1--24 in the endpages of Stewart.
Excellent review for the midterm will be to work through all the recommended problems posted on the problems page, as well as nearby problems in the textbook. A practice version of the midterm is posted here.  This should be used as an indication of the approximate length and level of difficulty of the test, as well as to give you an idea of what the test will look like. It is not a promise as to the precise number of problems or exact coverage of the material of the real test.

There will be a review session for the midterm run by one of the TAs from the Math Help Centre (Alex) on Tuesday, October 11, 7--9 pm in HH 109.

The midterm will be held on October 13, from 7:15 to 8:45 in the evening. You must bring your student ID with you. Your test room is assigned based on the alphabetical listing of your last (family) name.

-- if your family name lies in the range: A--G then go to T28/001
-- if your family name lies in the range: H - K then go to T29/101
-- if your family name lies in the range: L - M then go to T29/105
-- if your family name lies in the range: N - S then go to MDCL/1102
-- if your family name lies in the range: T - Z then go to MDCL/1105

If you are unable to attend the midterm due to a scheduled conflict (that is, if you have a class which meets at the same time as the midterm), you should inform your instructor and send an email to Dr Haskell at with your name, student id number and explanation of the conflict. An alternative time will be arranged for those (few!) people. This must be done by the end of the day on Tuesday, October 11.

29 September 2011: The problems for Written Homework 1 are posted on the problems page. This homework must be handed in by Wednesday, 5 October at 5pm in the assignment lockers on the basement floor of Hamilton Hall (opposite the Math Help Centre). Up to three people may work together on the assignment and hand in one copy of their joint solution. This homework will be marked for clarity of explanation. Chris will talk in tutorials this week about what constitutes a good solution.

16 September 2011: The deadline for the Diagnostic is postponed until Tuesday, September 20. Note that the first homework is also due that day. I have been assured by the publisher that the WebAssign acess codes will be in the bookstore today.

14 September 2011: Dr Bays' office hours are changed to: TW 16:00-17:30.

12 September 2011: In answer to various questions: the WebAssign access is for two semesters. The bookstore should have the correct standalone WebAssign access codes by Wednesday. If you want to buy it online (about $15 more), use this link: .

12 September 2011: Due date of diagnostic extended to Friday September 16 to allow people to get their textbooks.

12 September 2011: I have been told that the WebAssign access codes sold separately at Titles were invalid, since they referred to a previous edition of the textbook. New codes are on order and you may return an invalid one for a refund.

8 September 2011: Welcome to Math 1A on the first day of classes!

6 September 2011: here is a power point presentation about how to create a webassign account (created by the publisher).

31August 2011: Classes begin on 8 September 2011. Enjoy the rest of the summer, while reading the Math Review Manual.