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Topics in Foundations: model theory of p-adically closed fields

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Instructor: Dr Deirdre Haskell, HH 316 x27244, haskell@math.mcmaster.ca


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Week 1: $p$-adic numbers; definition and basic properties

Week 2: review of first-order logic; structures and examples, quantifier elimination

Week 3: Robinson's test for quantifier elimination

Week 4: QE for real closed fields and $p$-adically closed fields

Week 5: o-minimality and cell decompositions of the reals

Week 6: P-minimality and cell decompositions of the $p$-adics

Week 7: Grothendieck ring of reals and $p$-adics

Week 8--9: Analytic expansions of $p$-adics; Weierstrass preparation

Week 10: Poincare series

Week 11--12: student presentations