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(Updated Oct. 10, 2019)

Welcome to the McMaster Math Help Centre webpage!

This is the official webpage where all your Help Centre information is posted. Check here regularly for updates, information and special event listings.

At the Help Centre, tutors are available, free of charge , whenever we are open, for all our supported math and stats courses, including most of the first year math courses and the year 2 engineering courses! See the list at the side of this page!

Official Help Centre Hours
HH 104

Starting Wed. Sept. 11

14:30-20:30 (2:30pm-8:30pm) Mon.-Thurs.

14:30-18:30 (2:30pm-6:30pm) (Friday)

(Unless otherwise announced)

Test Returns: 15:30-17:30 (3:30pm-5:30pm) Weekdays

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Updated Oct. 9th
  1K Review Moved, 1X, 2FM Updated

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Updated Sept. 29



Oct. 10

Additional Review Dates Updated

We've posted an adustment to the test #2 and #3 review dates for 1K03, and updated the scehdule for the test #2 1X review and 2FM3 reviews.

Go look at the calendar above to see the details.


Sept. 26

Reviews Updated

Almost all the terms special events and pre-test review sessiosn have been updated on our calendar. Go take a look above.


Sept. 3

Welcome Everyone!

The Fall term is underway, and soon you'll need all the Math Help you can get!
We're open starting Wed. Sept. 11, so come on by and ask some questions!

Also, over the next few weeks we'll be scheduling pre-test review sessions and special events.
Check back here through Sept., and we'll update the event calendar will all the relevant information as it becomes available.

Have a great term, and see you in the Centre.

Need more help? Try the undergrad peer tutoring network at their website here!
Or try one of the private tutors listed on our department website!