Ramesh Yapalparvi

I was born on the same day as legendary Beatles singer John Lennon was born and the day Ernesto "Che" Guevara was executed.

Ramesh Yapalparvi did his early schooling in the city of his birth Bellary . He then moved to the garden city Bangalore to pursue his pre-university and engineering degree. He received his Bachelor of Engineering degree specialising in Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore University in 2001.

Ramesh Yapalparvi later worked as research assistant at the CFD centre, Department of Aerospace Engineering , Indian Institute of Science . He subsequently held the position of trainee at Computational & Theoretical Fluid Dynamics division (CTFD), National Aerospace Labs and also at Analytical & Computational Research Insitute before starting his Ph.D in 2003.

Ramesh Yapalparvi received his Ph.D degree from School of Mathematics, at the University of Manchester in 2006/07.

Ramesh Yapalparvi also worked as Research Associate in Flight Science and Technology Department of Aerospace Engineering , University of Liverpool .

Before moving to Canada, Ramesh Yapalparvi also worked as Research Fellow as part of computational engineering group of Singapore-MIT alliance , Nanyang Technological university .

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