MATH 711: Model Theory

Fall 2019


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Date Due (at midnight)AssignmentRemarks
Sep 20Homework 1  
Oct 03Homework 2
Oct 17Homework 3
Nov 08Homework 4
Nov 25Homework 5

Covered so far

WeekMondayThursdayRequired reading
Sep 9 – 13Structures
Sep 16 – 20CategoricityQuantifier eliminationTheories
Sep 23 – 27 QE for ACF, some RCFQE for RCFQuantifier elimination
Sep 30 – Oct 4QE for RCFModel completenessModel completeness
Oct 7 – 11TypesTypes and embeddingsTypes
Oct 21 – 25SaturationSaturation
Omitting types
Oct 28 – Nov 1AtomicIndiscerniblesOmitting types
Nov 4 – 8Totally transcendentalTotally transcendentalIndiscernibles
Totally transcendental
Nov. 11 – 15class cancelledVaught pairsVaught pairs
Nov. 18 – 22Vaught pairsAlgebraic closureAlgebraic closure
Nov. 25 – 29PregeometriesStrong minimalityPregeometries
Strong minimality
Dec. 1 – 4Baldwin-Lachlan TheoremBaldwin-Lachlan Theorem

General information

Instructor:Patrick Speissegger
Office:HH 322
Telephone:extension 23430
Office Hours:M 14:00-16:00, or by appointment
Lectures:MTh 9:00-10:15 in HH 312
Course materials:lecture notes, provided
Assessment:Homework = 80%
Participation = 20%
Homework:Assigned every other week.
Final exam:none
 Missed academic work:In the event of an absence for medical or other reasons, students should review and follow the Academic Regulation in the Undergraduate Calendar Requests for Relief for Missed Academic Term Work.