\ Combinatorial Algebra meets Algebraic Combinatorics (Lakehead, Jan. 2011)

Combinatorial Algebra
Algebraic Combinatorics

Eighth Annual Meeting
Lakehead University
Thunder Bay, ON
January 21 - 23, 2011


This meeting was a continuation of previous annual workshops focusing on the interplay between commutative algebra (particularly, resolutions and inverse systems) and algebraic combinatorics (the representation theory of symmetric groups). Links to the previous workshops can be found here .


Talks ran from Friday, January 21 through Sunday, January 23 2011, inclusive.

Schedule and Location

Here is the schedule of the conference. Note that the first day took place at Lakehead University, while the remainder of the conference took place at the conference hotel.

A detailed schedule, plus abstracts, can be found in the

Conference Program

Friday, Jan. 21
Lakehead University
RB 2047
Colloquium: Sums of Squares: evolution of an idea
(A.V. Geramita)
Invited and Contributed Talks I
Saturday, Jan. 22
Valhalla Inn
Invited and Contributed Talks II
Saturday, Jan. 22
Conference Dinner at Masala Grille
Sunday, Jan. 23
Valhalla Inn
Invited and Contributed Talks III

The talks at Lakehead's campus took place at the Department of Mathematics Sciences in the Ryan Building. The Ryan Building is denoted by RB in the following campus map. The talks will be in Ryan Building 2047. Coffee and registration will be in Ryan Building 2023.

Pictures and Videos

Thanks to everyone who came out. Here's some photos that I took at the conference. You can also find a video (courtesy of Franco Saliola) of me throwing the hot water into the air and having to turn to snow.

Conference Attendees

Additional Photos:

And finally, Adam Van Tuyl demonstrating what happens when you throw hot water into the air when the temperature is -35C:

Invited Speakers

The following people agreed to be our main speakers.


The following people attended the conference:

* = speaker


The main conference hotel will be the Valhalla Inn. The conference activities will take palce at the Valhalla Inn on the the Saturday and the Sunday.

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We have arranged for a block of rooms to be set aside for the conference. Room rates are $125.00 a night (plus HST). Rooms must be booked by December 21, 2010.

Individuals should make their own reservations with the Hotel at 1-800-964-1121 or (807) 577-1121 or by fax at (807) 475-7922 or email at reservations@valhallainn.com. The Hotel will honor reservations received by the above date. Reservations received after this date are subject to space availability and rate availability. Please quote booking number 801053.

If you would like to share a room, please contact Sara Faridi (faridi AT mathstat.dal.ca) for help in finding a roommate.

We would like to encourage participants to stay at the Valhalla since the majority of the conference will take place here. Taxis are expensive in Thunder Bay, so cheaper hotels will be offset by the cost of a cabride. However, here is a link to explore a list of nearby hotels


On the Saturday evening, we will be having a conference dinner at the Masala Grille. We have booked a room for our party. The meal will cost $35/person (this includes both tips and taxes, but not wine or beer). Again, we will try to arrange transportation, but here is is a map with directions from the hotel.

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Travel Information

Traveling to Thunder Bay Thunder Bay is serviced by three Canadian airlines: Air Canada, Porter, and Westjet. The airport code for Thunder Bay is YQT.

Unfortunately, Delta recently cancelled its route between Minneapolis and Thunder Bay. We will let you know if there is a new carrier between the two cities.

Traveling within Thunder Bay There is a free airport shuttle between the airport and the Valhalla. Taxis are available, but expensive. We will arrange for transportation between the hotel and Lakehead, and for the conference dinner.

Here are the directions from the hotel to Lakehead.

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Some funds are available to assist participants, especially students and postdocs with travel and acommodation costs. Send inquiries to Sara Faridi (faridi AT mathstat.dal.ca).

Contact Information

Please contact Sara Faridi (faridi AT mathstat.dal.ca) if you have any questions about the conference, and Adam Van Tuyl (avantuyl AT lakeheadu.ca) for all local questions.



We would like to thank the following organizations for their support of this conference.


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