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Current Positions Available
There is a postdoctoral position available in the area of AI/ML and Data Science. The starting date is immediate. While all applicants are welcome, preference will be given to Canadian citizens and permanent residents.
Current Research Topics

Lithium Batteries
: There is an increased focus on Lithium batteries in the research community due to their need in electronic, automotive and aerospace industries. However, the existing technology suffers from underutilization, stress-induced material damage, capacity fade, and thermal meltdown. This project aims to improve the current designs by employing multi-scale mathematical/computational techniques to delineate the meso-, nano- and molecular scale electrochemical processes that govern the operation of lithium batteries, thereby aiding the manufactueres to develop the next generation lithium batteries.  
Thermodiffusion or the Soret-effect is a coupled mass and heat transfer phenomenon in which the components of a mixture tend to segregate into preferred thermal zones when the domain containing the mixture is subjected to a thermal gradient. It is the underlying principle in the separation and characterization of polymers, Field Flow Fractionation devices, isotope separation and also affects crude oil stratification in oil reservoirs. To explain this phenomena, in our work we make use of thermodynamic, algebraic and neurocomputing models.
Nanomaterials: In this project, we are developing mathematical models for the bainitic transformation that takes place during the thermomechanical processing of the steel. We are also developing algorithms that determine the optimal thermomechanical processing conditions to obtain nanoscale bainitic plates that  directly contribute to the strength and ductility of the material.
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