The Homepage of Greg Cousins

Personal Information

Full name: Gregory Cousins 
McMaster University
  Department of Mathematics & Statistics  
  Hamilton Hall 423  
  1280 Main Street West  
  Hamilton, Ontario  
  L8S 4L8  
Phone: (905) 525-9140 ext. 27365

About Me

I am currently a CLA assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at McMaster University . My current interests include model theory and its interactions with other areas of mathematics. In particular, I am interested in the model theory of fields, and in connections between model theory and algebraic geometry and number theory. I also have a soft spot for the foundations of physics.
My PhD advisor was Anand Pillay.


Publications and Preprints:

  • Quentin Brouette, Greg Cousins, Anand Pillay & Francoise Point (2018) Embedded Picard–Vessiot extensions, Communications in Algebra, 46:11, 4609-4615, DOI: 10.1080/00927872.2018.1448848
  • Campion, Tim, Greg Cousins, and Jinhe Ye. "Classifying spaces and the Lascar group." arXiv preprint arXiv:1808.04915 (2018). (Submitted)


  • Corps et Chirurgie (Fields and Surgery) - An english translation of the paper by Pillay and Poizat.
  • Pseudofinite Model Theory - Notes taken by students attending a topics course given by Anand Pillay in the Fall of 2014 at Notre Dame.
  • Categorical Logic - Notes taken by students attending a topics course given by Anand Pillay in 2017 at Notre Dame.
  • Hrushovski's PhD Thesis - A good quality copy of Hrushovski's PhD thesis that I've converted to a (mostly) searchable file.
  • The Elementary Theory of Regularly Closed Fields - An unpublished and influential paper by Cherlin, van den Dries, and MacIntyre on the model theory of PAC fields.


    I am currently the instructor for:
  • Math 1C03 (See the page on Avenue)
  • Math 1B03/1ZC3 (for notes, see Dr. Rushworth's notes on Childsmath)
  • Math 2R03 (course page is on Childsmath)
    Fall 2019:
  • Stats 2D03
  • Stats 3Y03/3J04


  • A Map of the Model Theory Universe created by Gabe Conant!
  • McMaster Logic
  • Oxford Logic Group
  • Notre Dame Logic Group

    Thanks to Boris Zilber for inspiring this webpage!