Peer-reviewed Articles

1) YG Liang, Sergio Da Silva and Yang Zhang, The Tensor Rank Problem over the Quaternions, Linear Algebra and its Applications, Vol. 620, 2021, 37-60.

2) Sergio Da Silva, Strict Bott-Samelson Resolutions of Schubert Varieties, Experimental Mathematics, Vol. 28 (3), 2019, 313-321.

3) Edward Bierstone, Sergio Da Silva, Pierre Milman and Franklin Vera Pacheco, Desingularization by Blowings-up Avoiding Simple Normal Crossings, Proceedings of the AMS, Vol. 142, 2014, 4099-4111.

4) Sergio Da Silva and Kalle Karu, On Oda's Strong Factorization Conjecture, Tohoku Mathematical Journal, Vol. 63 Number 2, 2011, 163-182.


5) Susan Cooper, Sergio Da Silva, Max Gutkin, and Tessa Reimer, Splittings For Symbolic Powers of Edge Ideals of Complete Graphs, 2020, (submitted to Proceedings of the AMS).

6) Jaydeep Chipalkatti and Sergio Da Silva, Pascal Morphisms and the Ulyanov Configuration Space, 2020, (most recent version available upon request).

7) Sergio Da Silva, On the Gorensteinization of Schubert Varieties via Boundary Divisors, 2018, Arxiv submission 1807.05416. (submitted to J. Algebraic Combinatorics).

8) D. Barbasch, S. Da Silva, B. Elek and G. Krishnan, Finite Type Multiple Flag Varieties for the Exceptional Group F4, 2017. Arxiv submission 1708.06341 (most recent version available upon request).

Articles In preparation

9) Sergio Da Silva and Megumi Harada, Regular Nilpotent Hessenberg Varieties, Grobner Bases, and Toric Degenerations. (See Research Statement for more details.)

10) Michael Cummings, Sergio Da Silva, Jenna Rajchgot and Adam Van Tuyl, Toric Ideals of Graphs and Geometric Vertex Decomposition. (See Research Statement for more details.)

11) Sergio Da Silva and Jenna Rajchgot, Frobenius Splittings and K-Orbit Closures. (See Research Statement for more details.)

12) Dominic Austria, Sergio Da Silva and Megumi Harada, Cryptography via Resolution of Singularities.

13) Sergio Da Silva, Frobenius Splittings and the Desingularization of Hypersurfaces in Positive Characteristic.

A description of some of these topics can be found in my research statement