Homepage of Craig Kohne

Email: kohnec@math.mcmaster.ca

PhD candidate in Mathematics at McMaster University under the supervision of Adam Van Tuyl and Antoine Deza


My Master's thesis: Computing the intersection of regular Hessenberg varieties with Schubert cells - completed in 2017 under the supervision of Megumi Harada


  • On the Waldschmidt constant of square-free principal Borel ideals Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society (to appear), 2022

  • Powers of Principal Q-Borel ideals. Canadian Mathematical Bulletin, 23 August 2021 pp 1-20.

  • Betti numbers of toric ideals of graphs: A case study (arXiv link) Journal of Algebra and its Applications 18 (2019) 1950226. 14pp.
  • Teaching

    I am course coordinator and instructor for:

  • MATH 2LA3 (Applied Linear Algebra) Summer 2022. MATH 2LA3 Summer 2022 Course page
  • MATH 2LA3 (Applied Linear Algebra) Summer 2021. You can see some of the pre-recorded lectures here: MATH 2LA3 Youtube channel
  • I was the tutorial instructor for:

  • MATH 2LA3 (Applied Linear Algebra) Winter 2022
  • MATH 2LA3 (Applied Linear Algebra) Fall 2021
  • MATH 1B03 (Linear Algebra I) Winter 2021
  • MATH 1B03 (Linear Algebra I) Fall 2020
  • MATH 1B03/1ZC3 (Engineering Mathematics II-B) Winter 2020
  • MATH 1K03 (Calculus for Humanities and Social Sciences) Fall 2019
  • MATH 1K03 Midterm 3 Review

    MATH 1K03 Final Review

    MATH 1B03/1ZC3 Tutorial information