Crack pattern in ceramics subject to thermal shock

Congratulation Doctor Erwan!

Erwan Tanné defended his PhD. thesis “Variational phase-field models from brittle to ductile fracture: nucleation and propagation” on December 15 at the École Polytechnique (France).

The committee consisting of Laura De Lorenzis (Braunschweig University, Germany), Claudia Comi (Politecnico di Milano), Eric Lorentz (Électricité de France), Emmanuel Detournay (University of Minnesota, USA), Corrado Maurini (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France), and Keita Yoshioka (Chevron ETC and Helmoltz Center, Germany) unanimously awarded him the title of “Docteur de l’université Paris-Saclay”. Congratulations Doctor Erwan!

Erwan’s thesis was supported in parts by grants from the Chevron Energy Technology Company and co-advised with Jean-Jacques Marigo at the Solid Mechanics Department of the École Polytechnique.