Statistics 2MA3

Probability and Statistical Methods for Science

Dr P.D.M. Macdonald


Statistics 2MA3 is offered by the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at McMaster University.

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Calendar Description & Course Outline

Introduction to statistical methods and applications: data analysis and statistical methods.


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Exam Office Hours

April 11 & April 15-24: I will be at McMaster and available by appointment.
April 25 - 27: Drop-in hours 09:00-12:00 and 13:00-15:00.
April 29: Drop-in hours 09:00-13:00.

Learn what Eco-USA has to say about Aldrin and Dieldrin.
After doing the Niagara River dieldrin question on Assignment #1, do you disagree with any of the information on Eco-USA web site?

I will be in Washington April 29 - May 1, serving on a US Environmental Protection Agency Scientific Advisory Panel on "Cumulative and Aggregate Risk Evaluation System (CARES) Model Review".


Monday, Thursday at 09:30, Tuesday at 10:30, in HH-320.


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Class Notes

Resources for R

You want the "Precompiled binary distribution", not the "source code". For Windows installation, go to the link for "Windows (95 and later)", open folder "base", and click on SetupR.exe to download the installer SetupR.exe. Then run SetupR.exe to install R on your computer.

Because you are running R in Windows, not UNIX, you should skip the Introduction, which is mostly about UNIX, and begin with Entering Data.


These exercises are for self-directed learning. They will not be graded and you do not have to hand them in. However, you will find that writing down your interpretation of the results is an excellent way to clarify your understanding. If you complete your report and submit it to me, I will read it and return it with comments and suggestions.

More Worked Examples



Please notify me by e-mail at least 3 days ahead if you plan to write the makeup test.

Some Other Links


Learn about these famous statisticians!
Florence Nightingale, William Sealey Gosset, Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher and John Wilder Tukey.
George Waddel Snedecor named the F-distribution in honour of Fisher.
Gosset and I both studied at New College, Oxford, but we were not there at the same time.
John Tukey died July 26, 2000. He is credited with many statistical innovations, including the boxplot and the stem-and-leaf plot, and for coining new words such as "bit" (a contraction of "binary integer") and "software".

What can you find out about Poisson? His name? His dates? The Prussian horse kick data?

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