Crack pattern in ceramics subject to thermal shock

Fun with citations analytics

Analytics web sites are a great way to waste time… After colleague and co-author Corrado Maurini mentioned that our so far, our paper on crack nucleation (Tanné, Li, Bourdin, Marigo, & Maurini, 2018) was the most cited article published in 2018 the Journal of Mechanics and Physics of Solids, I came up with the following factoids (as of 2018-10-30):

  • The 2000 article introducing phase-field approach to fracture as a regularization of variational models of brittle fracture (Bourdin, Francfort, & Marigo, 2000) is the 19th most cited article published after 2000 in the Journal of Mechanics and Physics of Solids (45th since 1990).
  • My 2007 article in Interface and Free Boundaries (Bourdin, 2007) is the most cited article in this journal since its creation.
  • The 2008 long article “The Variational Approach to Fracture” (Bourdin, Francfort, & Marigo, 2008) is the 8th most cited paper in Journal of Elasticity since its creation, and the 3rd published after 2000.

Who would have though that Web of Science could be so fun?


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